Happy Halloween!

We went trick or treating around our neighborhood tonight.  Aren’t they cute?Cinderella, Pirate and BelleArgh!Pumpkins

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Cousins Jake and Cole sent Quentin and Violet some new rollerblades, and tonight we tried them out.  They love them!Rollerblades10262010

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Pumpkin Patch 2010

Sunday afternoon we had great weather, so Heather and I decided to take the kids to the Pumpkin Patch.  They agreed to pose for a few pictures with the promise of a turn on the inflatable slide.  They all had fun picking out pumpkins and rolling the wagon around.

All three cousins spent a few days at the lake with Gramma and Grandad in the rv.  They had a good time, but by Sunday you could tell they had been spending a lot of time together.  There was a lot of teasing and button pushing going on.  I started implementing the quiet game, which helped distract them some.  At one point, the girls were talking in the car in a small backseat on either side of Quentin’s head.  He yelled out, “Girls!  Let’s play the quiet game!  One, two, three, GO!”  I think he’s onto my game.

Pumpkin Patch 2010

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Violet cheered at halftime at the Jenks/Sapulpa game tonight.  She had a great time!CheerleaderViolet, Quentin and Lily

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Let's go…

…fly a kite!

I went to a conference in New York last week <insert photo evidence>

Statue of Liberty

and really enjoyed getting to see a few sites.  While I was there, I went to FAO Schwartz and bought the kids kites.  As soon as we all got home on Sunday after they picked me up at the airport, we had to try them out.  Quentin got a shark and Violet got a butterfly.  It wasn’t quite windy enough to really fly them, but we all had a great time trying.Jason and Quentin

Jason and Violet



It was a gorgeous day, so, of course, we needed to play on the playset a bit, too.



100310gIt was a good day.  So happy to see my family!

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Gymnastics Superstar

Tonight was “meet the teacher” at gymnastics, which basically consisted of students and parents crowding around the teacher for a brief discussion about what the kids had been learning in class, and a demonstration of each student’s favorite technique.  I couldn’t get a good picture of Violet during the demo, but after class was over, she was kind enough to perform a few moves for the camera.  She is doing a fabulous job at gymnastics, and her favorite thing is to climb the rope (a knotted rope that is about 20 feet high).

BridgeTeeter TotterHappy Girl

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They have taken over my office!

Little Artists

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Busy Saturday

Today began with a Clothing Room opening at our church.  We have an unfinished room where we accept, sort and hang clothing donations, and periodically we open to the public to give clothing away for free!  I am not able to work during the sorting/hanging part since I have to be at the office during the day, but I like to go to the Saturday openings.  The men and women that work so hard to keep the Clothing Room running are such a blessing to the community.

After I got home, it was time for our friend Gavin’s birthday party.  There was a jupiter jump, a clown with balloon animals, and face painting.  Quentin chose a snake for each cheek, and Violet chose a rainbow and a butterfly.  Gavin has been in class with both Quentin and Violet at one time or another during preschool, so he is a friend to both kiddos.  Violet especially loves him and claims that they will be married someday….

Quentin's snake face paint

Violet's Rainbow Face Paint

Then it was time for an icebreaker at TU.  Some of the TU Chinese students are going to participate in a program with the JSE Chinese Immersion families.  To start out the event, the kindergarten and first graders got up on stage and sang several Chinese songs for the audience.  You can easily see Violet in the group picture, but I couldn’t get a good picture of Quentin because the boys were on the back row.  During her speech, the administrator from TU asked if there were any questions from the audience.  In a roomful of probably 200 people, Violet raised her hand to speak.  She didn’t actually have anything to say, but she really likes attention…  We were matched with our students today, and we are excited about the opportunity to get to learn more about China and the Chinese culture.  We will have 2 girls and 1 boy, and all 3 seemed really interesting.  The girls are both finance majors and the boy is a mechanical engineering major.  They seemed really interested in talking to the kids and trying to teach them Chinese words.


Quentin and Violet

When the icebreaker was over, it was time for Skylar’s birthday party.  Violet was supposed to come dressed as a rockstar, and she had fun getting into her rock outfit.  Jason, Quentin and I had dinner and goofed around while she was at the party, and Quentin enjoyed his only child time, as well as the bottle of root beer we let him order at dinner.



Busy, busy day.  Tomorrow we will go to church, one birthday party for Quentin, and I think we are due for some rest.  I haven’t had much downtime since I got back from Seattle on Thursday night, and I’m headed to New Jersey Wednesday, so I’ll at least need some time at home for laundry!  Exciting, huh?!

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New Haircuts

The kids have school pictures next week.  I’m headed to Seattle for a work trip tomorrow, so today has been filled with laundry and getting new clothes/haircuts for the kids.  Wasn’t planning on getting a haircut for Vi, but since she did a little of her own trimming last week, we decided to try to have it fixed.  So, now she has real bangs.  She is really happy about it – I think that is what she wanted all along.  If she would have told me, I would have taken her for a haircut!  She looks really cute, though, I have to admit.  Here is a pic of the kids on the way home from the hair salon – Quentin is holding up a plastic spider and Vi is showing off her new do.Haircuts

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Violet's ReadoptionHere is a picture taken at Violet’s readoption ceremony.  It was on May 14, 2010, one day before our 17th anniversary.  Violet and Quentin both got to sit in the judge’s chair and swing the gavel.  The judge asked all of us some questions, and Quentin said that he wanted Violet to be his sister.

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