Art contest

Quentin and Violet both entered an art contest at their elementary school.  They loved getting a canvas of their own, picking out paint colors, and deciding on what they wanted to paint.  They had to stay within a theme (Together we can),ReefRainbow which they didn’t really understand.  Quentin just wanted to paint fish or dinosaurs – he didn’t see the need for a theme.  They finally settled on a reef painting for Quentin (Together we can save the reefs) and a rainbow for Violet (Together we can make the world a happy place).  I love them and we are going to hang them in their rooms.  Quentin got 3rd place in his age group, and Violet got an honorable mention.  They both got trophies, and were very happy!!  Sorry for the bad pics.

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One Response to Art contest

  1. Jen Jacobs says:

    Nice paintings! So cool that they won. I tried to get Lilah to enter that contest but she doesn’t want everyone paying attention to her, grrrrr.