Pictures of Surgery Day

Violet’s progress since the last time we were at Arkansas Children’s Hospital was amazing. Throughout pre-op, this was about as upset as she ever appeared:

Even when she had to get her finger pricked for a blood test, she never cried. And then, of course, they brought the happy juice. These pictures don’t do her justice, but Violet is a funny drunk. I’m sure we were supposed to be nervous during pre-op, but we spent most of our time laughing. Watching drunk Violet try to blow bubbles was absolutely hilarious. I think she was convinced Mommy wasn’t holding the bottle of bubbles still.

After surgery was a little more difficult than last time, but that was mainly because she actually woke up like she was supposed to this time. Even so, she was a tough little girl and took everything pretty much in stride.

Today, she’s bouncing around like her normal self. Now if anyone could tell us how to make her sleep on her back without getting any unnecessary DHS attention, that would be great. I think we should skip it and use a football helmet, but Shannon isn’t going for it.

Thanks for all of your thoughts and prayers. We sincerely appreciate it.

We’ll post some profile comparisons as soon as the swelling on her lip and nose go down a bit.

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